Ads in Sunday’s Paper

6 Nov

Another week has rolled through.  Were you able to catch the sale at Smiths?  If not the prices go through Tuesday.  You still have a couple days.

Time to update our binders.  Two inserts should be coming in this week’s papers.  A Smart Source and a RedPlum.  The coupons I am looking forward to are:

Del Monte Fruit Naturals or SuperFruit cups Save $1.00/3 (2/7/11)
Del Monte Bowls Save $1.00/1 (2/7/11)

No guarantee they will come in our ad, but here’s hoping 🙂

Pull these two inserts (SS and RP) and file them at the front with 11/7 written on the tab.  If you haven’t yet, remember to dump the 8/8 General Mills insert that came with your binder.  No use carrying expired coupons 🙂

Something exciting!  The Flathead Beacon is carrying the Smart Source inserts and distributing them for FREE.  The Beacon comes out on Wednesdays, so be sure to pick up a copy (or two) and file those extra inserts!!

Have any input?  You can comment on these blog posts or drop us an email anytime.  We’d love to hear of your success or your frustrations, we’re here to get your couponing running smoothly.


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