Our first clipped coupon order?

10 Nov

The Wednesday ads are up and I’m thinking about sending out an order for clipped coupons.  Anyone want to try?  If we get the order in by 12:30pm Thurs. , I think there is a chance it will arrive by Saturday.  If not, Monday.

I am working on a drop off location where I can leave your coupons in individual envelopes in Kalispell.

What would be good clippers this week? Here is a sample

California Pizza Kitchen $1 off -cost $0.09 ~Albertsons scenario with 4 = $0.75 ea. +cost= $0.84 ea.

Betty Crckr Cookie Mix Pouch $0.40 off- cost $0.04~Albertsons scenario with 10 =$0.59 ea. +cost= $0.63

Capn Crunch $1/2 off- cost $0.09~ Albertsons scenario, or Smiths scenario = $0.99 ea. +cost= $1.08

Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables $0.60/3 – cost $0.05 ~Smiths scenario =$0.68 ea.= $0.73

Campbells Chunky Soup $0.50/4 – cost $0.05 ~Smiths scenario = $0.74 ea.+ cost = $0.79

Campbells Select Harvest $0.50/2 -cost $0.05~ Smith’s scenario = $0.74 ea. + cost = $0.79

Jello or Pudding $0.50/2 cost $0.05~Smiths scenario = $0.54 ea. +cost =$0.59

or at Walgreens = $0.25 +cost=$0.30

Krusteaz Bakery Style Cookie Mix $1 off cost $0.09~ Smith’s scenario = $0.49= $0.58

Both Smiths and Walgreens will give out Rain Checks on products on sale and deduct the coupon, as long as you have the coupon at the time of the rain check.  So we don’t need to worry much about them running out of stock.

Is there something you need and want to see if there is a coupon?  We would be ordering from Collectable Coupons. You can search their site for other coupons, too.

Send us a message at couponingkalispell@hotmail.com if you are interested. 🙂



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