Holidays for Free and Coupon Cleanup

30 Nov

As the holidays approach and you preview your budget, consider opting out of the store bought scurry and partaking of the many free holiday events in your area.  Remember, the gift of time with our children is the most precious.

Check out the Freebies page for a list of free local events for families.  There are many to choose from during the month of December.

It is the last day of the month, and for me the best day to clean out my coupon binder.  You will be pulling out & tossing the 10/31 PG insert.  These coupons are good only through today (Nov 30th)  See matchups at Shopko, Target, and Kmart for last minute coupon matches.  This ad gave us the great Olay/Secret deal.

You will also want to go through your coupon categories (baseball card sleeves) and dump any expired coupons.  Don’t think you have time?  I was at a Dr’s appointment yesterday and was able to clear the categories in the 10 min wait time…you could do the same while waiting in the car to pick the kid’s up from school. 🙂

Watch for the Wed grocery matchups to appear tomorrow.

Enjoy the week and all of this beautiful white snow!




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