The Case with Case Lots

7 Jan

Smiths is having one of their case lot sales this week.  Many of you are probably wondering, “How do case prices compare to couponing?”  Here’s my two cents.

Case lots usually feature store brands.  Often the case prices meet our minimum buy price on our price list.  Therefore, you shouldn’t feel like you are getting ripped off at a case sale.  However, keep these points in mind before you stock up with cases.

  • Often with sales or coupons you can hit the case price on NAME BRAND of the same product.
  • Some items you will see sales (or sales plus coupons) hit an even better price than your case price.
  • Case buying, everything expires at one time.  Buying with coupons and periodic sales allows your storage to expire at intervals.

Hope that helped!  See the case sale at Smith’s for more details on the prices compared to the recent coupons and sales we’ve seen in the valley.


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