Menu up & in season ideas

22 Jan

The menu is up. Wondering how to use it?

The weekly menu is based from on sale ingredients.  While this won’t be your cheapest meal you’ve ever made…it aims to use those ingredients that are on sale, from recent sales, and in your pantry.  It works from two grocery stores and uses the coupons combined with sales for your lowest prices on ingredients.  Although there are only 7 recipes, you will find that there are leftover ingredients from the recipes and suggestions of what to add to your list for simple packed lunches.  You can always have leftovers as well!  Our goal is to provide a healthy and rounded men; one that is inspiring, healthy, and easy on the budget.

Have you taken a look at our new helpful lists of In Season and On Sale products monthly?

This month you’ll find sales on grapefruit.  Here are some great ideas on how to use this healthy fruit.

Select and Store:

  • Choose a fruit that is heavy for it’s size.
  • Look for taut, springy skin with fine pores.
  • Refrigerate in the crisper for up to 2 weeks
  • Avoid skin that has soft spots or is rough and withered.

Use it:

in a crab roll. Combine chopped grapefruit and avocado, shaved fennel, crabmeat and mayo serve on toasted hot dog buns.

in a ceviche.  Marinate raw scallops and chopped chiles in grapfruit juice until the scallops are opaque (about 1 hour; top with grapefruit segments. (or see or recipe section)

in a sauce.  Saute grapefruit segments and juice with shallots until reduced; remove from the heat and stir in cold cubes of butter.  Serve over any kind of whitefish.

in a dressing. Whisk together grapefruit juice, honey mustard, olive oil, and chopped tarragon, then toss with winter greens like escarole and radicchio.

as a sweet treat. Substitute grapefruit juice and peel for lemon in your favorite curd or meringue pie.

(from Rachael Ray supermarket 101)


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