7 Feb

My brother says he loves to come to our house to get sauced.  The doors of our fridge (and sometimes half a shelf to boot) are lined with sauces, marinades, and dressings.  Why do I love sauces so much?  Not only because they can represent a wide variety of flavors, but because they offer a quick meal fix.  Easy dinner?  No problem.  Marinade for 30 min.  Throw on my George Foreman.  Less then 10 minutes later I have a juicy, flavorful dish.

Some people think sauces don’t come cheap.  While I still think you can make many on your own for cheaper…don’t skip the sauce isles.  Especially this week.  French’s mustard, Franks Sauce, and Kraft dressing are all on sale.  I found Kroger marinades for $0.59 a bottle (but looks like they were gone by Saturday).  Take advantage of these sales, check out our recipe section, and get a little sauced yourself.


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