Getting on the Couponing Freeway

19 Feb

As a member of our site, you are hopefully quickly learning the benefit of couponing sales.  Stocking your pantry for a fraction of the price feels good and frees up the budget to give in other areas as well.  Why then should free samples be worthy of your time when you can pick up free to cheap stuff straight from the store?

One of the best things about free samples is not the sample, but the coupon that usually comes with it.  Often sample products have attached a HIGH VALUE coupon.  High value coupons are those that have a bigger discount than the traditional $1 or less discounts we usually see.  This will often get you free or close to free on the larger size product you actually purchase.

Joining the Couponing “Free”way is especially beneficial to those who have smaller households of one or two.  The samples themselves will keep you somewhat stocked, and the coupons that come with them will make up the difference.

Don’t know what to do with those annoyingly small samples?  Just adapt.  For example, shampoo and conditioners samples typically come in small plastic packages.  Because these are so common, I keep a small self draining plastic tray on my shelf in the shower.  I simply stick the samples inside and pull one out from time to time when I want a fresh take on my hair.  As for my shampoo stock?  It’s plentiful, in part from the coupons that came with the samples.

BUT REMEMBER- often these free samples request an email address.  Don’t want to fill your inbox with all the junk mail?  Couponing Kalispell encourages our users to create a free email address for just this kind of junk mail.  Name it something simple;  or some odd thing.  You’ll feel less stress sorting through it all, and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date on the High Value coupons that might be showing up in your it.

So jump on the “free”way by cruising on over to our Freebies page.  Soon your mailbox will be filled with savings!


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