Need Your Opinion

22 Feb

We’ve heard (and we agree) that it is annoying to look in our binder and not find a coupon that is listed in the matchups.

  • Our dilemma: some of our couponers also order coupons and so like the ability to see all the possibilities for matchups.
  • Our solution: We are trying to make a visual cue to let you know when the coupon is in your binder, and when it isn’t.
  1. On the Target page this week, we used a visual check mark to signify the binder coupons.
  2. On the Walgreens page this week, we bolded the coupons that are in our binders.

We would love your input.  You can weigh in the comment section below.  Do either of these systems work for you?  Are the images too distracting?  Does it make you skim too quickly over the other deals?

Another note: Marking the binder coupons won’t happen as soon as the ads are up.  It just takes too much time.  However, we’ll do our best!


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