Menu is Up

10 Mar

We skipped last week’s menu, and I hope it didn’t give you as big of hiccup as it did me.  Wednesday night I found myself peering into my pantry, thinking “What should I cook?!?”  I had loads of stuff, but I just didn’t feel like prepared food.  Without my menu, and a tummy that was refusing my $0.25 canned soups, pizzas, and Spaghettio options,  I found myself sticking one of the Christmas hams I had bought on sale (which I had started to thaw to clear room in my freezer) into the oven.  I gave the kids some grapes and mozzarella sticks, and we pulled out a beautiful ham for a late dinner.  I’ve now had lunch, and plan on dinner and lunch again from the remains.  All in all, the system worked for me when I failed.

Menu planning is a key ingredient to saving.  Cooking from your stock and from what is currently on sale will bring your budget down drastically.  Even though I dropped the ball and didn’t have a plan,  I still was able to cook up a meal that will cost pennies instead of dollars.  I look forward to the system working for you as well.  When you have a story of savings brought from the site, be sure to share it with us.  We want to hear!  It brings us the greatest joy to know you’re reaping the benefits of our hard work.

And so – the menu is up!  This week is filling, but won’t be heavy on the wallet.  Taking advantage of the current St. Patrick’s day sales, it uses leftovers of the main ingredients to bring you a week’s worth of yummy dinners at a price you can afford.


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