Clipped Coupons and Early Bird!

23 Mar

Two big news items to start our new Grocery week.

#1 Don’t miss Super 1’s Saturday Early Bird Sale.  It only runs from 7am to 1pm.  I’ll head in before my daughter’s first bball game.  Check out the full ad on the Super 1 page, or my list on Lynn’s List.

#2 In conjunction with our new partnership with the Flathead Beacon, we now have a drop off in town!  The Beacon is making multiple SS inserts available to us.  ALSO- we will have a file box with the following complimentary Members Only features


A coupon exchange file for you to give others your never to be used coupons, and pick up those you might use that others won’t!!

Clipped Coupons

We make a limited order each week of the coupons we think will be hot!  If you want to pick up a few of these coupons for a nominal clipping fee, simply pick out your coupons from the file, fill out your purchase in our record book, and we will bill you at the end of the month…or when your order gets to $5, whichever comes first 🙂 (these coupons are limited, and first come, first serve.  If you want to make a bulk order, please do so through our service below)

Clipped Coupon Orders

If you want more than a couple coupons, consider calling us by Thurs Noon with your order.  We will fill it with ours if possible, or have it sent directly to your home if yours is large.  We will bill you at the end of the month.  You can pick up your order by Tuesday noon, but most probably by Monday noon at the Beacon!

We really hope you make use of these services.  They’ll take your couponing to a new level, and you can wave hi to our great partners at the Flathead Beacon!  So grab your extra inserts today!


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