Clipped Services and Albertsons Doublers

4 Apr

We did a walk through and confirmed the Albertson Doubler Deals.  There are some great ones you won’t want to miss.

We also talked to management, and they are okay with couponers using more than one set of doublers.  To get multiple doublers you can ask at the service desk.  There are 3 per page.

If you are doing multiple doubler transactions they ask that you only do 3 transactions in a row (with three doublers per transaction) and then rotate to the back of the line.  If you fail to do this, your rewards card may not apply the savings.

If you are wanting to do the EXTREME COUPONING deal at Albertsons where you get $50 in gas, 18 gallons of milk, and 50 boxes of cereal (think about donating the milk to the food bank…the deal will be paid for in free gas alone)  You would need 10 sheets of doublers and rotate through the line with someone between you, 4 times.  However, I went in and most of these cereal are currently out of stock on the shelf.  They DO allow prepay, however.  To prepay and still receive all the benefits, simply approach the service desk with your coupons and doublers (or ask for theirs and bring scissors) They will ring the transaction there.  Pay.  You will get the milk coupons, and have to come in later to pick up the cereal when it is in stock.

Need coupons for this deal?  Or for others of the great deals?  We have clipped coupons available for a small clipping fee at the Beacon.  To see the coupons available go to our Coupons Tab, then click on Clipped Coupons, and then click on the Clipped Coupons In Stock  link for pricing.  The Beacon is open until 5pm, and you need not pay at time of pickup.  Simply record your “purchase” and we will bill you at the end of the month.  Questions?  Call 212-0730 for details.  Just a heads up, we have the coupons for the Albertsons deal, the Rosauers deal, and more!


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