Menu is up and Talking Stock

19 May

Our menu is up, inserts have been updated, and we’ve been adding possible deals to Walgreens, Target, and Albertsons (for their upcoming Twice the Value)

When choosing your stores this week consider:

Chicken Quarters are selling for $0.68/lb in 10 lb frozen bags at Super 1.  This is a price.  Albertsons has ground beef at under $2/lb which is also our stock price, however, we might see that price turn up next week as well.  But no guarantees.

If you’re like me you have a LOT of pasta and dressing on your hands (we saw and will see [at Albertsons with doublers ]three different salad dressing brands hit our stock prices in the last month.)  Wonderful thing is, summer is the time of pasta salads.  Make use of both for some quick, easy, and CHEAP salads.  But don’t forget to use the dressing as a marinade for meat and as a quick dressing for sandwiches and veggies.  It can add the pizzaz to a meal at a very low cost.  Watch for some of our ideas to show up on Facebook and in our recipe section.


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