Grocery Ads up & News

25 May

Most of the grocery ads are up (I still need to post Bigfork and Polson)  Albertsons looks hot.  Doublers should be coming this weekend, however it looks like there will be no inserts because of the holiday.  PG should be coming on June 5th.   Looking for more Missoulians?  If you are a door delivery (not mail) we can add copies at a very low price!

We are still having delivery issues in the outlying areas.  If you are having problems receiving your paper, please let us know.

Good news!  Smiths is now accepting Super 1 in ad coupons!  Make use of those ads!

I picked up a free month of both the Bigfork Eagle and the Hungry Horse news today in store.  (Looked like the Pilot was also included)  These are both Wed only editions, but come with ads (including the Super 1 coupons)  Only interested in the Wed coupons?  These two papers are probably a better bet than the Daily Inter Lake for cost savings.


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