Password Protection back up and running

11 Jun

Our password protection provider now has their new site up and running, so we have enabled the password protection again.  You will need to in order to log-in (but you probably know that since you are seeing this page!)

Hope you all got to enjoy some of the sun yesterday!  We sure have missed it in the valley.

Just a heads up that we do have some of the new coupons in.  I put them in the Beacon clipped box on Thursday.  I’ve updated the list on our coupons page to reflect what we have. The box is not checked everyday, so can’t guarantee that they will be there when you arrive.  But I will update it each time I am in.  Also note that I sometimes forget my price list when placing the coupons in the file 😦 and then have to guess how much we paid for each coupon.  I always OVER estimate, and then come home and adjust.  We will never charge you more, but I would rather you make the decision on a higher price and be pleasantly surprised when you pay less.  Did that make sense?

Enjoy the week.  Box stores come down tonight, and will be posted through out the day on Sunday.


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