Menu up, cheap BBQ sauces

16 Jun

The menu is up, shopping Super 1 and Smiths.  Added some Extra Goodness with a Blueberry Rhubarb Cream Cheese Baby Galettes, I have rhubarb that is ready (albeit had a hard time with all the rain).

Look for cheap BBQ sauce this week.  We have extra coupons coming in the end of the week, first of next for Sweet Baby Ray from Super 1 and KC Masterpiece from Albertsons.  Tis the season to stock up for BBQ.  Also watch for cheap hot dogs at Albertsons.  Hoping for even better deals next week.  Fingers crossed.  But the BBQ sauce and hot dog prices are still stock prices!

Missed our broadcast? go to to catch our highlight from tonight. *note: it looks like might be having some issues. If you have trouble viewing the broadcast, try back later.


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