Welcome Tuesday Shoppers

28 Jun

Today is the last day to cash in on your Albertsons doublers.  Didn’t get any?  Need more ? (they will allow you to do 3 per transaction, and you can do multiple transactions)  We have some available at the Beacon in our clipped file.

Also- We’ve just posted a bunch of new ad matches on the Safeway Whitefish page.  Some good deals there.  We also have the Bar S coupon for the hot dogs available at the Beacon in our clipped file (we simply charge you cost…no additional fees!)

Walgreens has two new candy deals we picked up from walk-throughs.   Twizzlers is at a green cart stock price.

This is the last day of most of our grocery deals.  Don’t forget to stock up on Ground Beef and Beef Back Ribs at Smiths (those chicken leg quarters are a good price too) and your Boneless Fryer Breasts at Super 1.  We’ve had BBQ sauce at stock prices for the last three weeks, and hot dogs for the last two.  If you haven’t picked them up yet, stop by and grab some coupons for these at from the Beacon clipped file, as well.  (We do our best to make sure you have access to the best coupons)  If you have a freezer, these are your chances for stocking BBQ for the season. Ribs, Hamburgers, and Chicken – YUM!


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