Wednesday Grocery & Coupon Preview

29 Jun

The grocery ads are nearing their final stage.  Albertsons looks like the store with the most carts.  As you can see the BBQ sales are winding down.  Don’t worry, they’ll come back at the end of the season.  We’ll try and get in to do some walk throughs this week to fill out the ads, but otherwise, use your stock and enjoy your 4th!!

Also, on holiday weekends they don’t usually print inserts.  However, it looks like we WILL be getting a PG in the Sunday Missoulian, but that is it.  Don’t throw out your June PG, both inserts look like the coupons expire the end of July.

As you look through the ad matchups this week be aware of the red x. dates.  There are a good number of coupons expiring on June 30th, some of which we have matched.  We did our best to mark them with a red expire date.

Finally, tomorrow (June 30th) at NOON we will be drawing our Facebook Follower $100 grocery winner.  We will also be announcing a special prize for all of our Facebook followers.  Why do we post to Facebook, you might ask?  Social media is quickly diving into the world of coupons.  You’ve noticed many many matches to Facebook coupons recently.  This means a good number of our subscribers are also Facebook followers.  We reserve the best and most deals for our subscribers, but will occasionally leak a timely deal that might expire soon.  It is also a great way to give our subscribers a heads up to check the website.  So feel free to check us out both places!  However, as a subscriber you can be assured you are getting the best and biggest deals!


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