Did you know?

30 Aug

Smiths offers many great programs for couponers.

Pre- Pay Program  &  Super 1 Competitor Coupons

  • Pre-Pay Program

Never worry about empty shelves again!  Smith’s offers a great pre-pay program that allows you to purchase items on sale with coupons that are out of stock.  Here’s How:

  1. Buy what is on the shelves first.  If there is not enough stock, continue to #2
  2. If there were any stock on the shelf and you wanted more, take one of the item to the service desk with you.  They will use that bar code to order more.  If there were no more product, you can write down the bar code from the isle tag of the exact item you wanted.
  3. Go to the CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK.  do NOT do through the checkout and ask to pre-pay.
  4. At the Customer Service Desk give them the following information:
  • the product you want to order (with an example from above, or the bar code from the shelf tag.)
  • the number you want
  • give them any coupons you have for the product.

5. Pay for your order, minus the coupon discount, sales, and any instant savings.

6. They will call you when your order comes in.

  • Super 1 Competitor Coupons

The Columbia Falls store accepts Super 1 competitor coupons.  They will substitute like products.  However, they adhere to the limits on the coupons as well.  Please be respectful.


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