EponMe.com offers HuHot- Dead Deal

30 Sep

Two Days to grab

$20 certificate for $40

worth of food at the HuHot in Kalispell!

offered via EponMe.com


  • Coupon expires 12/31 – that kinda limits the Christmas gift idea 😦
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion or certificate.
  • Limit 1 Epon per person.

2 Responses to “EponMe.com offers HuHot- Dead Deal”

  1. Drew October 18, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    Thanks for your efforts, BUT something is just as crazy as those people in Congress!
    When you clink on the HuHot link, you take us to some tanning/beauty salon – pretty girl, but a little UNEXPECTED!
    Is the HuHut (? spelling) just a scam???

    D and C

    • couponingkalispell October 18, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

      Thanks for the response! EponMe is a local daily deal site. Their links change often. The HuHot deal is over, and the link took you to their deal offered today…a salon in Whitefish. I agree, you probably weren’t expecting that ad! I’ve taken down the old link. We keep track of the deals at our local HuHot and will post again the next time we’re aware of one coming through. We also track EponMe.com which is a legit site. They can post some great deals as well.

      Hope that helped!

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