How to Read A Scenario

Here’s a quick how-to before I get our visuals uploaded.

Use this handy example:

Here is a simple one:
Tic Tacs $1.02
Use $1.00/1 Tic Tac Product RP 6/12 (exp 8/31)
$0.75/1 Tic Tac Product RP 6/12 (exp 8/31)
= $0.02

The first line is the product and it’s base price.
Second line is a coupon from the RED PLUM insert (that possibly came in the Missoulian on 6/12).  This coupon expires on 8/31.  Because the word USE is in bold in front of it, it is the coupon we used for the final price.
The third line is another coupon in the market.  Because it does not say use and is one of multiple coupons listed, this is a “backup” coupon in case you don’t have the first.
The final line is the price after using the coupon.

Ready for a harder one?
Buy 2 Prevacid, 14ct $10.49
Use 2 $3.00/1 Prevacid Product – (
Pay $14.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $4.99 each when you buy 2

How do you get two printables?  Try hitting back on your browser button after the coupon prints.  This will usually print another UNIQUE coupon.  But most won’t let you do it more than once per computer.

This is a scenario– a step by step buy plan.
Here’s how to read it.

First line tells us to buy 2 of a certain Product, size, and base price
Next line tells us to use 2 with a link to a coupon.  click the link to print.
Pay lists what you would pay out of pocket (we sometimes label this OOP:)
Receive is a store promotion you get for making a certain purchase.  In this case a $5 gift card.
Final Price is the price of the product after you figure all of your savings.  However, you will have to use the gift card on a future purchase.  Couponers still count it as savings on this item, and use it like cash (but don’t count it as savings) on their next.

If you have more questions- feel free to email or ask!


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