Back to School promos continue up to Labor Day-
Lunchbox foods/meals
Pudding cups
Juice boxes, Capri Sun
Pop Tarts
Lunch meat
Cold cereal
School and office supply

Tomato products begin
Spaghetti Sauce
Tomato soup
Canned tomatoes
Tomato sauce

National Organic Harvest Month!
most stores will have additional offers on organic and natural products

Diabetes Smart coupon themes
Diabetic meters
Glucerna/Boost, etc.
Diabetic care

BABY ITEM MONTH, look for sales mid month on major baby equipment, baby safety, general new baby “stuff”

Organic Harvest month sales

Clearance items:
Summer holiday and picnic supplies
After Labor Day end of season clearance – look for 75% off BBQ and picnic supplies this weekend and after

Labor Day
Patriot Day
Autumn Begins
Rosh Hashanah

Other Promotions this month:
Baby Safety Month
Better Breakfast month
National Chicken Month
National Coupon Month
National Dog Week (9/21 – 9/27)
National Honey Month
National Potato Month
National Rice Month
National Organic Harvest Month
National Sewing Month
Hispanic Heritage Month (September – October)

Produce In Season:

Produce in Season:
Apples ~ Peak
Artichokes ~ New
Basil ~ Peak
Beans, Fresh Shelling ~ Peak
Bell Peppers
Celeriac/Celery Root ~ New
Chile Peppers
Cucumber ~ Peak
Eggplant ~ Peak
Figs ~ Waning
Fuyu (Firm) Persimmons
Garlic ~ Peak
Grapes ~ Peak
Hachiya (Soft) Persimmon
Kale ~ New
Kohlrabi ~ New
Melons ~ Waning
Okra ~ Peak
Orange, Valencia ~ Peak
Pears, Asian ~ Peak
Pears, Bartlett ~ Waning
Pistachios ~ New
Plums ~ Waning
Pomegranate ~ New
Potatoes ~ Waning
Quince ~ New
Summer Squash ~ Waning
Tomatillo ~ Waning
Tomatoes ~ Peak
Winter Squash ~ New



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